Team Canada 2022 Training Squad



We are excited to announce that 9 athletes and 2 coaches from Calgary will be joining the Training Squad of members across the Country to hopefully represent Team Canada at the next Special Olympics World Winter Games.

Ferris Brewer (Alpine Skiing)
Sarah McCarthy (Cross Country Skiing)
Emily Ross (Cross Country Skiing)
Emma Bittorf (Figure Skating)
Amber Harriman (Figure Skating)
Meg Ohsada (Figure Skating)
JorDen Tyson (Figure Skating)
Kennedy Zaytsoff (Figure Skating)
Katie Saunders (Speed Skating)

Barb Prystai (Figure Skating)
Marie Powell (Snowshoeing)


"The Training Squad will officially become Special Olympics Team Canada 2022 once the Squad progresses through all necessary SOTC training and the safety of international travel and mass gatherings specific to the 2022 Games is assessed. If at any time and for any reason, Special Olympics Canada deems the safety of athletes, coaches and mission staff is at risk in the lead-up to or while at World Games, SOTC will be withdrawn."


Learn more about the Team on Special Olympics Canada's website.

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